Catapult: Kickstarter is a Fintech acceleration programme for early stage startups.

The programme is aimed at helping early stage, innovative, Fintech entrepreneurs to develop their business models. Participants will receive guidance on how to build their business, identify and manage risk, develop a realistic business plan and practical tactics for customer acquisition and growth. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders, investors and key fintech stakeholders. On the final day, the entrepreneurs will pitch their project to an elite group of judges, to be awarded €50.000 in subsidies.

What to expect:


Expert interactive sessions on business building, such as marketing, customer acquisition, operations, growth and scale. The Business Model Canvas will be used to understand and adapt your business to a new market.


Enjoy working alongside the other programme participants, sharing stories, helping each other, developing relationships and building a lifelong support network.


Meet and speak with a multitude of mentors and business professionals from the extensive Luxembourg startup and financial services ecosystem who can advise and guide you in your startup journey.


The opportunity to become one of the five laureates of the programme that will receive 50,000 EUR in subsidy from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy based on fulfilment of eligibility criteria.


Networking events, making new friends, and a generous amount of laughing.

Catapult: Kickstarter - Fall 2021 - The Winners

Congratulations to the 5 winning startups of the 2021 Fall edition of Catapult: Kickstarter, who are each eligible for €50,000 in subsidies!






Why Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the largest financial centre in the Eurozone, largest fund center in the EU and largest center for microfinance in the EU, draws on its political, economic and regulatory stability, benefiting from a unique pool of multilingual, highly skilled talent providing the key to unlock Europe’s huge and diverse single market.

Luxembourg is recognised as one of the most innovative countries in the EU. (source: Innovation Leader, European Innovation Scoreboard, Index 2018)

Luxembourg’s economy is the most open in Europe, and one of the most open in the world. (source : Business Openness, US News and World Report, Index 2020)

Luxembourg has built up a very supportive and strong startup ecosystem including easy access to public and private decision makers, incubation facilities, a balanced mix of public and private funds, the presence of major international players as key potential partners.

Luxembourg is a key university and research center: 1 university, 4 research institutes active in ICT, industrial and health sectors.

Luxembourg is the gateway to the EU for international Fintechs, the home to major e-payment and e-commerce companies, hosting over 185 innovative Fintech companies, active in Mobile payments, RegTech (compliance and regulatory solutions), Big Data analytics, DLT technologies, InsurTech, Automated investment services or Alternative lending…

With Luxembourg’s ambitions related to the technology sector and creating a robust startup nation, the Ministry of the Economy in partnership with the LHoFT believes that Catapult: Kickstarter will help catalyse more Fintech entrepreneurship.


Catapult: Kickstarter is a two week acceleration bootcamp, open to fintech startups from across the globe that are aiming to evolve financial services; be it by providing tools to traditional financial services firms to digitalise their businesses (B2B) or by providing new and improved services direct to customers (B2C).


10 Fintech firms will be selected for each Catapult: Kickstarter program. B2B Fintech firms with solutions in Regtech, Wealthtech, Insurtech and Cybersecurity using Blockchain, AI and Big Data technologies are of particular interest to the Luxembourg financial services ecosystem.


The 2021 Fall edition of Catapult: Kickstarter is a 2-week program. The inaugural session of the programme will be on Tuesday November 15th, and it will close with the final pitching event on Friday November 26th.


Catapult: Kickstarter is structured around classroom tutorials, experts talks, customer discovery, challenges, one-to-one meetings, pitching sessions, mentorship sessions and networking events.


The program will be fully digital, held online in a virtual format to accomodate for teams who can't be present in Luxembourg as well as sustained sanitary considerations.

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Applications closed - Selection for the Kickstarter Fall 2021 program announced!

If you're interested in being a mentor or sponsor for the program, get in touch with the contact information below.

2021 Fall Cohort Members

We were amazed at the number and quality of applications, and the selection process was immensely difficult. The following 10 companies have been selected to participate in the 2021 Fall edition of CATAPULT: Kickstarter:

cent - UK
Cent acts as the gateway to the growing world of Decentralised Fi- nance (DeFi), it allows users to understand, explore and invest in di- gital assets, responsibly. It also provides an alternative to financial services offered by traditional banks like lending, borrowing, saving and sending / receiving. Although DeFi applications are growing at an accelerating rate, user acquisition has been from existing crypto- currency investors, a small portion of the total addressable market (only 1 in 4 crypto users invest in DeFi).

digitalUs - Luxembourg
The digitalUs technology developed at the SnT Research Center of the University of Luxembourg provides a solution to automate, and significantly speed-up the background screening process of indivi- duals. It relies on a novel methodology to match the same entity across multiple publicly available data sources.

Finanzmining - Germany
Finanzmining creates real-time business insights into consumers and enterprises derived from their bank accounts. Finanzmining real- time insights include a rich set of financial fitness and stability analy- tics of businesses and consumers, behavior analysis of businesses and consumers, financial forecast (e.g. of cash flow, P&L, «BWA», etc.), business process analysis, signals based on interest and de- mand of businesses and consumers, consumer targeting, consumer reward processing, financial performance against peer groups, and much more. Finanzmining services are available via real-time API, offering analytics-as-a-service and white-labeled applications for a quick start without any IT effort.

Flexvelop - Germany
Flexvelop combines financial technology with a circular economy. Therefore, Flexvelop offers more than financial transactions, but a new way of funding equipment and flexible business growth. As the next generation payment solution for business equipment vendors, b2b customers are now able to flex new business critical equipment right at the point of sale (local + online).

FUNDSaiQ provides a SaaS based, AI / Machine Learning powered, B2B platform for financial advisors, empowering them to identify, select and monitor the best performing mutual fund managers in the market.

Goscore+ - Norway
Goscore+ brings a human credit scoring to private customers using modern ML technology and data enriched with PSD2 customer tran- sactions. goscore+ delivers solutions and services to banks, insu- rance, retail companies to help them make the right credit decisions, personalize existing and develop new products, get more customers without marketing budget changes, as well as reduce loan default rate.

Schwarzthal - UK
Schwarzthal Tech is building solutions to tackle financial crime using AI and advanced algorithms. The platform, Wunderschild, re- volutionises compliance and investigation techniques. It provides intelligence solutions based on network assessment, data linkage, flow aggregation, and machine learning.

Thread - France
Thread Labs developed an AI-powered collaborative investment re- search platform, specialized in integrating ESG in traditional equity research.

Trensition - Belgium
Trensition is a trend analytics and forecasting company that builds upon a revolutionary and 100% data-driven methodology. The Tren- sition platform automates trend research and provides detailed trend & market insights tailored to the specific business context of companies.

Velotix - Israel
The Velotix Data Governance & Orchestration Platform is unlocking Data and making it usable while adhering to compliance policies and enhancing business performance and operational efficiency.


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Applications closed - Selection for the Kickstarter Fall 2021 program announced!

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